Tired of Gender Wars?

Tired of Gender Wars?

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know men and women have long been going back and forth online with the issues they have with the other gender. The comment section of Instagram reflects the major points of contention such as lack of accountability, lack of trust, double standards, power-struggles, among many other topics.  And, after participating in many of my own debates about this with friends and people I've dated, I've come to the conclusion that we will continue to see things differently, as we have different vantage points and our own biases; and through this realization, FIZ&MINGL The Blog was born.

We cultivated FIZ & MINGL the blog with the goal of being a non-judgmental, encouraging and neutral space where we can all find COMMON GROUND and GROW FORWARD with OPTIMISM. We welcome you to come and build digital friendships. Share your experiences without fear of ridicule, make suggestions and be open to saying my bad.

Help uphold this safe space for all of us by adhering to our guidelines for posts and replies:

  1. Do NOT generalize a gender when making a statement

  2. Do NOT patronize/degrade a user due to difference of opinion

  3. Do NOT bully a user for any reason

  4. Do NOT share personally identifiable information on this blog

  5. Do share encouraging suggestions or alternative considerations

  6. Do uplift your peers

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